Not Always Bad, Know 6 Benefits When Experiencing Stress – Stress is often considered harmful to humans. Actually there are two types of stress experienced by humans, namely chronic stress and good stress. Chronic stress does have bad effects, such as reducing one’s weight, making insomnia, and even chronic stress can also damage your mental health.

Not only has a negative impact, stress also has a positive impact. Stress that provides benefits to the body is stress that is still in mild to moderate levels. This stress can train your body’s response every day. Let’s look at the following 6 benefits of stress!

1. The self becomes stronger and more resilient

Light to moderate stress can actually make you more resilient. When problems arise and you try to solve and then find a solution, that’s when you will practice dealing with problems that will come in the future. You will adapt to existing conditions and make your mentality stronger.

2. Train the brain to be smarter

When stressed, we will look for new things to refresh ourselves. That’s when you can practice creativity and be more productive than usual. This is the same when you have to do something with a tight time.

3. Your memory becomes stronger

It turns out that stress can also help us to be able to remember more strongly. Because, connections between cells will increase when you experience mild to moderate stress. Stress can help you remember how to deal with problems when you encounter the same problem.

4. Increase confidence

Stress can force someone to solve the problem they are experiencing. From there, stress can increase self-confidence and increase one’s skills in the future. Increased self-confidence and resilience of someone makes you able to better control the situation that occurs.

5. Help you when studying

Moderate stress levels can actually increase motivation. This is beneficial because it makes you more focused while studying and makes it possible to absorb more lessons. That is why you can understand many things in a short time when facing exams.

6. Protect yourself from disease

Moderate stress can apparently protect you from several types of diseases. This is because oxidative damage is protected thus preventing aging. Besides stress can also increase your body’s immunity.

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